About us

Master Makers:

We, as manufacturers, combine art, engineering and innovation to provide the finest leather products to our customers.

Forever Fashion:

Fashion Factory International makes timeless products- keeping up with the latest trends and durable enough to withstand the tests of times, a quintessential luxury and legacy.

Customised Creativity:

Integrating style into our products based on your sartorial preferences.

New Delhi Factory

We are one of India's top exporters of leather and woven clothing, offering bespoke solutions to clients worldwide. We are versatile and competitive because we have a strong team, state-of-the-art sewing facilities in New Delhi and Bangalore, a world-class digital printing facility, and a knitting centre.

Bangalore Factory

Our capacity to adapt to diverse size scales of production orders is our company's greatest strength. We have invested in and established a very strong merchandising and sample team to give our consumers personalized attention.

"Our atelier "

Let's exchange the creatives!!

We wanted things that would last a long time and blend in with the environment. We present to you handcrafted goods and sturdy and natural leather goods.

We’ve produced a line of products that’s as distinct as our clients. Products that may accompany you throughout the world acquire their personality and look as a result of the environment and adventures they have shared with you.

Rugged, robust, basic yet timeless styles and quality are among our favourites. At Fashion factory International, we specialize in making things for you.

Leather garments

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Leather bags

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Textile garments

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