Rewarded for our efforts

Winning awards is an excellent method to network with other business executives, especially if you work in a highly competitive area. When you enter awards, you have a lot of networking chances. 

Fashion, at its best, has the power to change your mood, identity, and, of course, your appearance. It can be enjoyable, refreshing, and beneficial. You just need some inspiration even if you have a wardrobe full of clothing but nothing to wear. We have assisted our clients to dress stylishly over the years. Recognition and appreciation have kept us going!!

CLE Northern Regional Export Award Winner


Continuing the tradition of highest turnover, we were recognized by CLE in 2017-18 for achieving a turnover of up to 25 crores.

Regional award for highest turnover


Fashion Factory International enjoys blazing new trails in uncharted areas as fashion stalwarts. It’s always rewarding when our efforts are acknowledged, we received the regional award for highest turnover in 2015 by Council for Leather Exports (CLE).

CLE Northern Regional Export Award Winner


Fashion Factory International has been awarded consistently by Council for Leather Exports as the winner for achieving the highest turnover in the Northern Region for 2012-13 with a turnover of 10 crores.